[in preparation]

No Reference Hypothesis: A Modular Account of the Syntax-Phonology Interface 

PhD Dissertation, University of Tromsø


Modularity, Phase-Phase Faithfulness and Prosodification of Function Words in English

 in Nordlyd: University of Tromsø working papers on language and linguistics 40(1)


Modularity, Linearisation and Phase-Phase Faithfulness in Kayardild

in IBERIA (An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics) 3(1)


Information structure markers as prosodic affixes

in Absi, Z., Althobaiti,M., Heyer, V., Ogawa, M., Patterson, C. & Soultatis, T. (eds.). Language at the University of Essex (LangUE) 2010 Proceedings, Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex.


Book Review: Andy Kirkpatrick, ed. (2010) The Routledge Handbook of World Engishes



Lexical and Functional Decomposition in Syntax: A view from Phonology

in Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics (PSiCL) 47(2)


Function Words at the Discourse-Prosody Interface.

MA Thesis. Tromsø: Universitetet i Tromsø.