[2012-September] Decennium: The First 10 Years of CASTL,

                                   Tromsø, Norway

“Modularity, Phase-Phase Faithfulness and Prosodification of Function Words in English” (poster)

[2011-January] The Eighth Old World Conference in Phonology

Marrakech, Morocco

“Phase-Phase Faithfulness”

[2010-October] – SinFonIJA 3, Novi Sad, Serbia

“Phases and Linearisation at the Syntax-Phonology Interface”

[2010-September] – 41st Poznan Linguistic Meeting, special session on Lexical and Functional Decomposition in Syntax

Gniezno, Poland

“Lexical and Functional Decomposition in Syntax: A view from Phonology”

[2010-September] – What’s in a word? – workshop on Exploring communication between syntax and phonology

Tromsø, Norway

“Deriving Prosodic Words without morpho-syntactic words”

[2010-September] – The Fourth European Conference on Tone and Intonation (TIE4)

Stockholm, Sweden

“Suprasegmental focus and topic affixes” (poster)

[2010-August] – 24th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics

Joensuu, Finland

“Capturing lexical categories in a functional syntax for the sake of phonology”

[2010-June] – Language at the University of Essex International Postgraduate Conference (LangUE2010)

Colchester, UK

“Information structure markers as prosodic affixes”

[2010-May] –  Sixth North American Phonology Conference

Montreal, Canada

“On the linearization of phases and the nature of input to phonology”

[2009-January] The Sixth Old World Conference in Phonology

Edinburgh, UK

“Multiple spell-out and prosodic opacity” (poster)

[2008-September] – Workshop on the Prosodic Hierarchy

Tromsø, Norway

“Phases and Prosodic Opacity”

[2007-Jun] –  2nd Newcastle Postgraduate Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

“Function Words Focused”

[2007-January] –  Novi Sad Generative Syntax Workshop

Novi Sad, Serbia

“Focus, GIVENness and the Prosody of Function Words”