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Flere språk til flere – Bilingualism Matters

Flere språk til flere (more languages to more people) is a wonderful new advisory service that aims at “informing the public about the benefits of bilingualism” and “encouraging families, educators, and policy makers to support children’s development of multiple languages”. It provides advice and information for bilingual families based on current language research, and an opportunity for the public to contact the researchers directly with their questions about bilingualism.

It is run by a research group at the University of Tromsø working as part of CASTL (Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics) and the Departement of Language and Linguistics (IS), as a branch of the information service Bilingualism Matters at the University of Edinburgh. This service is run by Professor Antonella Sorace who is one of the world’s leading researchers within bilingualism. 


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The network has over 7400 members, so if you are interested in education and information technology (and you understand Norwegian 😉 ) you should definitely check it out!

Thanx to Hilde for introducing me to this in her comment on my English 2.0 post 🙂

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