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The King’s Speech and Stuttering Research

The success of the film The King’s Speech has brought the issues of speech
and language therapy and stuttering  into the limelight.

Inspired by this film, editors of International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders (IJLCD), have put together a selection of recent IJLCD articles on the theme of stuttering. They chose only recent studies and aimed for articles that highlight the richness of stuttering research that takes place around the world.

You can read the introduction to The King’s Speech virtual issue and access these papers for free here.



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Interactive database of verbs and prefixes in Russian

The Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Group in Tromsø (CLEAR – Cognitive Linguistics: Empirical Approaches to Russian) has, as part of their Exploring Emptiness project, constructed an online interactive database of verbs and prefixes in Russian. This is an excellent resource tool for researchers, teachers and students, so check it out and spread the word 🙂


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The Companion to Phonology has arrived :D

The Blackwell Companion to Phonology is what we have all been waiting for! It is “a major reference work drawing together 124 new contributions from leading scholars in the field. Led by a renowned team of international scholars, the Companion represents a diverse range of approaches and methodologies to the key phenomena in phonological research. In contrast to other handbooks and reference works currently available for phonology, the Companion focuses on phenomena and case studies to highlight historical and ongoing debates in the field. The Companion will be a touchstone for future phonological theorists, giving an overview of all the data and insights which any good theory of phonology should be able to cover.” And, it’s available both online and a s a 5-volume set:

Volume I: General Issues and Segmental Phonology
Volume II: Suprasegmental and Prosodic Phonology
Volume III: Phonological Processes
Volume IV: Phonological Interfaces
Volume V: Phonology Across Languages

Get yours today! (or get your library to subscribe to the online version 🙂 )

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The New York-St. Petersburg Institute Applications have begun :)

The New York-St. Petersburg Institute (NYI) is an advanced study program organized every July in St. Petersburg, Russia as a joint project between St. Petersburg State University and the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Participants create a program design unique to their own interests, choosing 4 seminars from among the following fields:

Generative Linguistics
Comparative Cultural and Media Studies
Cognitive Psychology
Media, Film, and Politics
Literature & Performance Studies

It is a wonderful experience, check it out 🙂

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Make a contribution to language…

Fifty to ninety percent of the world’s languages are predicted to disappear in the next century, many with little or no significant documentation.


The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers working to build a publicly accessible digital library of human languages.

The 300 Languages Project is a special effort to begin the construction of a universal corpus of human language by collecting parallel text and audio in the world’s 300 most widely-spoken languages. The resulting collection will contain thousands of volunteer-contributed public domain text documents and audio recordings which will be made available to researchers and the public alike via The Internet Archive, a free online digital library.

Visit the web pages, make your contribution, and help them build an open public collection of the world’s nearly 7,000 human languages 🙂

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well, the page is ready now 🙂 i have uploaded some of my papers and conference handouts, posted a bunch of links in the resources pages (more is coming) and my teaching page, and made everything more presentable 🙂

the voyages may begin…

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First Contact


this is my blog/homepage. Welcome 🙂 it is still very young, so if you keep in touch you can watch it grow into something more 🙂

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